Until our newsletter Cultural Insight is launched in the spring of 2014, the only resources provided here are in reference to Day of the Dead. A plethora of multicultural resources for both kids and educators will be available soon.

From InsideMexico.com, this large collection of articles, images and merchants offering information related to Day of the Dead is a great resource.

website Radio Interview about Day of the Dead
Wikipedia, Day of the Dead Celebrations
How Did Dia de Muertos Come to Be? Article on origins of Day of the Dead by the Detroit Free Press
Fantastic collection of articles and resources compiled by the Waterboro Public Library
What do Mexicans Celebrate on Day of the Dead - Article
Frenzy Art - The Dia de los Muertos artwork by Ladislao Loera
North Texas Institute for Educators of the Arts - special section on teaching Dia de los Muertos in schools - good information
Somewhat disorganized, but there are a lot of photos and resources for Day of the Dead on this private site.
website Mary Andrade, Journalist & Photographer of Day of the Dead
MexOnline.com - Nice synopsis of Dia de los Mue

Nice article about Mexican folk art and dia de los Muertos

Instructions on making a Dia de los Muertos altar
Humorous article of making an altar for a beloved pet
Great recipes for making sugar skulls
Photo Essay on Dia de los Muertos - nice personal perspective
Instructions on making papel picados
Interesting glossary of Mexican sweets and confections
Interesting site featuring altered books - Karen's Whimsy
Palomar College site, covering all aspects of Dia de los Muertos

Fascinating documentary on Dia de los Muertos by PBS

Traditions of Mexico with coverage of Dia de los Muertos
Web resources for educators
UCLA Latino directory covering Dia de los Muertos
University of Guadelajara website about Dia de los Muertos
Article titled, Raising the Dead
Article about the blending of old and new traditions
Lots of photos of Dia de los Muertos activities in Mexico
People's Guide to Mexico - links and articles

Las Culturas.com website offers several articles and lots of links

Simple site with several articles as well as several links
Crazy art zine - check this out! Somewhat odd.
Photo study of Dia de los Muertos
National Geographic article on Dia de los Muertos
About.com info on Dia de los Muertos
Day of the Dead Blog - Regular reports pertaining to the ritual
Arizona Republic extensive website featuring information about Dia de Los Muertos - Good reference
Rock the Dead, Day of the Dead Festical