Nico Seabright is a children’s book author working primarily in multicultural stories. He loves folktales, local legends and history. He finds his inspiration when he travels around the world, and his passion is in sharing those stories with others.

Seabright has remained consistent throughout his career in his dedication to educating children about world culture and diversity. He specializes in creating educational materials with multiple points of entry allowing parents and educators to use a single resource for developing lesson plans in diverse classrooms.

Working as an advocate for children's literacy for many years, Seabright has managed multiple projects and committees in an effort to make a positive impact. He served as a board member for the national nonprofit FirstBook for two years, helping distribute books and educational resources to programs and schools serving children from low-income communities.

Seabright's latest project of note is the creation of the world's smallest bookstore, Booksprocket, located in Portland, Oregon.